The Cryptocurrency for Lightning Fast Transactions & Zero Fees!

BitBlocks is a community powered proof-of-staking cryptocurrency that offers security, rewards, lightning fast transactions and absolutely no fees!

Features & Benefits

BitBlocks is a peer-to-peer digital currency that's fully secure, private and rewarding.


Have complete ownership and control over your finances.

Community Driven

Become part of a powerful support network of like-mind users

Fast Transactions

Send and receive payments and confirm within seconds

Zero Fees

Improve your savings with BitBlocks zero transaction fees


Stake and earn interest without running costly mining rigs

  • Annual Staking Rate Stake & Get Rewarded!
  • Block 0-100k 500%
  • Block 100k-200k 250%
  • Block 200k-300k 125%
  • Block 300k-400k 60%
  • Block 400k-500k 30%
  • Block 500k-1mil 10%
  • Block 1mil+ 1%

Get The Wallet

Setting up the BitBlocks wallet takes a few minutes, and offers a high level of security through encryption & privacy, and gives you the ability to stake your BitBlocks for increased rewards.

Windows Wallet Mac Wallet Android Wallet Paper wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for coins to mature?

Before you begin staking and getting rewards, you must hold your coins in your wallet for 24 hours.

Where do I download the BitBlocks Wallet?

How do I start staking?

To start staking BitBlocks, you must first encrypt your wallet. Go to "settings > encrypt wallet" and that you will be prompted to set a password. Be sure to not forget your password, write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Once your wallet is encrypted with a password, go to "settings > unlock wallet." From here, you will be prompted to enter your password. After entering your password, your wallet will be unlocked and you will beging staking.

How long does it take to get staking rewards?

Getting staking rewards is based on network difficulty. There is no exact time when staking will occur.

Where can I view the block explorer?

How do you mine BitBlocks?

  • Algo: Scrypt
  • Type: PoW + POS
  • Address letter: B
  • RPC port: 21327
  • Block 7.2k-100k = 200BBK
  • Block 100k-200k = 175BBK
  • Block 200k-300k = 150BBK
  • Block 300k-400k = 125BBK
  • Block 400k-500k = 100BBK
  • Block 500k-600k = 90BBK

Are there currently any mining pools?

Get BitBlocks

Purchase BitBlocks from any of the exchanges listed below.


Q1 2018

Block Explorer

After the crowdsale ends, BitBlocks core team will work on launching a Block Explorer.

Q1 2018

Windows Wallet Public Release

The BitBlocks wallet for Windows will be released immediately after the crowdsale ends.

Q1 2018

Cryptocurrency Exchange Listings

After the crowdsale ends, we will begin getting BitBlocks listed on as many crypto currency exchanges as possible.

Q2 2018

Marketing & Outreach

BitBlocks will begin creating marketing campaigns to help grow the community via paid search ads through social media and search networks.

Q2 2018

Linux Wallet

A BitBlocks wallet for Linux is in development, and should be available for the community in the near future.

Q2 2018

Raspberry Pi Wallet

A new wallet that is Raspberry Pi compatible will help make staking and mining more energy-efficient.

Q2-Q3 2018

Mac OSX Wallet

A BitBlocks wallet for Mac OSX is in development, and should be available for the community in the near future.


Community Initiative

As the BitBlocks community grows, we welcome the community to help us craft BitBlocks into becoming more robust with advanced features based on feedback and suggestions.